Our Heritage

DBCB Credit Bureaus Ltd. (DBCB) has played a pivotal role in developing the financial infrastructure of several economies across the globe. Credit bureaus, established by DBCB, have reduced the information asymmetry between lenders and borrowers thereby creating transparent and efficient credit information systems. DBCB provides risk management capabilities to lenders, facilitate information-based lending, accelerate their speed of making decisions, provide easy & quick access to finance to eligible companies & individuals thereby augmenting growth opportunities for the entire economy.

Credit Bureaus across the globe have trusted DBCB to provide a suite of products, services, consultancy and training that is in line with industry requirements and global best practices. We work closely with central banks, commercial banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, economic development boards & various government entities and specialize in building robust credit information infrastructure in emerging markets.

With a rich history, solid experience and dynamic team, DBCB is geared up to make Credit Bureaus an integral part of the global financial infrastructure.